Apr 23, 2021

Can I Extend My Fertility [If I’m Not Ready to Have Kids]? | Future Family

If you’ve thought about having a family in the future, but aren’t sure exactly how that’s going to happen just yet, don’t worry. If you’re approaching your 30s and haven’t met your soulmate, no problem. And if you’re in your 20s, but have a medical condition that might make future pregnancies difficult, you still have options. Whatever personal reasons you have for considering it, extending your fertility window is a possibility. Find out how you can extend your fertility below.

How Can I Extend My Fertility?

There are a few different things you can do to help your body remain fertile as long as possible. There are also medical procedures that can enable you to use your eggs at a later time. The important thing to remember is that the eggs your body produces will decrease in both quality and quantity as you age. To extend fertility, you’ll need to look at methods that help with one or the other, or both. Research your options and speak with your physician to determine which route is best for you and your unique circumstances.

Egg Freezing

One way that women extend fertility is with egg freezing. This process involves retrieving eggs and flash freezing them for cryopreservation. In other words, you can save them for use at a later time. This is a surgical procedure that can be pricey, but for many women and families, it is a great way to improve the chances of having a baby. Since eggs can be stored for quite a while, you may be able to extend your fertility for several years using this method.

Lifestyle Choices

Another way to extend fertility is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body is more capable of sustaining a healthy pregnancy, so it’s important to remain active and regularly eat whole foods like fruits and vegetables. This also includes getting regular, quality sleep so your body can rest, replenish, and fight disease. Women who maintain a healthy weight and generally take good care of themselves increase their chances of a successful pregnancy.

Quit Smoking

It is pretty common knowledge that smoking has adverse effects on the respiratory system, but did you know that it can also affect fertility? Smoking can reduce the number of eggs, as well as lower the quality of the eggs that remain. If you are hoping to have children in the future and are a smoker, don’t wait until you get a positive pregnancy test to quit.

Get Tested

Your doctor can help you evaluate whether you are a good candidate for egg freezing with some medical testing.If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but do not anticipate getting pregnant right away, you may want to consider fertility egg freezing as a way to improve your chances in the future. You’ll need to meet with your doctor to discuss the pros and cons for you.

Women in their 20s and low-30s are more likely to have a higher quantity of high-quality eggs to extract. However, the younger you are when you freeze them, the higher chances of you not needing them. The highest success rates (where the eggs are actually used and also result in a pregnancy) tend to be from women who froze their eggs in their low to mid-30s and used them before hitting their mid-40s.

How to Get Started with Fertility Egg Freezing If you are ready to learn more about fertility egg freezing as a way to extend fertility, contact Future Family. We’ll provide you with plenty of information, support, and even financial assistance to help you make a plan that is right for you and your family.

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