Dec 19, 2019

Future Family Review: Sabrina and Robby

When Sabrina was trying to have a second child with her husband, Robby, they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to afford IVF in the timeline they wanted. An ad on Facebook led her to Future Family, who created a plan to not only help finance their IVF cycle but offered her a full team of experts to make her IVF experience as easy and smooth as possible. Future Family’s digital solution allowed her to manage her care from the comfort of her own home. Here’s her story.

Photos by Drew Bird Photography.

When Sabrina moved back to her home town in Texas to be closer to family, she didn’t know she was going to meet the love of her life. She started hanging out with her old high school friends, but one friend, Robby, a strawberry blonde landscape architect, quickly stood out.

Sabrina was immediately charmed by not only how sweet Robby was to her, but to her son, Ryan, from a previous relationship. Whether it was watching the Dallas Cowboys together or working on his race cars, Robby included Ryan, which created a strong bond between them.

In 2016, Sabrina and Robby began building a house together with family in mind. From the large living space for entertaining relatives to a potential nursery, the house was going to be the perfect home for Sabrina, Robby, Ryan, and hopefully a new baby. They finished their new home just in time to have their wedding ceremony in the backyard with Ryan as the ring bearer in January 2017.

Once Sabrina and Robby were married, they started tracking her ovulation to conceive a child together. However, after several months of trying and negative pregnancy tests, they began to think about getting help. That’s when Sabrina and Robby turned to the Fertility Center of San Antonio. After extensive tests, they realized that IVF was going to be their best option for having a baby.

How Future Family was  so much more than a loan, but the IVF solution they needed

As is often the case, IVF is a more expensive option but does have a higher success rate than IUI or other options. Financially, it wasn’t the best time, since they just finished building their house, so they made a goal of saving money specifically for the IVF treatment and waiting a year before moving forward with IVF. That timeline wasn’t working for Sabrina as Ryan was already eight and she and Robby wanted their children to be closer in age.

One day on Facebook, Ryan’s aunt tagged Sabrina in an ad for Future Family and she knew that this was the missing link to creating the family she dreamed about. She and Robby had a “rainy day fund” that they could use to move forward with IVF immediately, but there was something about letting go of that huge chunk of money. It just didn’t seem like a prudent financial decision to empty out their savings. But monthly payments like a car payment? That seemed doable and it worked with her tighter timeline.

Sabrina had a team of experts to help her through IVF

One of the best benefits of working with Future Family is your dedicated Fertility Coach. Each Fertility Coach at Future Family is a registered nurse with an average of 5+ years in fertility healthcare. This means that Sabrina had someone she could call after clinic hours or on the weekends when she had questions. It also means that someone else was making sure she was taking her medications to lower any chances for medication issues to occur. Sabrina was set up with her Future Family Fertility Coach, Christy, who created special color-coded spreadsheets to make sure that she was taking the right medicines at the right time. Sabrina loved how organized Christy was and that she had a direct line to someone to answer all of her IVF-related questions.

Future Family also handled another stress point for Sabrina and her family as they were going through IVF: bill pay management. Sabrina didn’t have to even go to the payment desk at the fertility desk because Future Family took care of paying the bills directly, saving time and stress, so she could focus on her IVF treatment.

Sabrina had a positive feeling...

After the IVF treatment embryo transfer, Sabrina felt she was pregnant and couldn’t resist taking a pregnancy test that proved that her feelings were correct.  During the first ultrasound, Robby was blown away to actually see his baby that was roughly the size of a pin.

In October 2018 Sabrina, Robby, and Ryan welcomed the newest member of their family, Brooklyn. It was love at first sight for each member of the family. Big brother, Ryan had been asking for a baby sister for years and presented Brooklyn with a bear he made for her. One of the best parts of that day for Sabrina has been watching Robby soak up being a parent and the deep pride that emanated from him just holding his first-born child.

“In that hospital room, I watched love multiply immediately to become a family of four from a family of three,” Sabrina said. “It felt so right.”

Brooklyn just turned one with a big safari-themed birthday party. She loves to climb everything from the couch to the little slide her grandparents bought her. Although Brooklyn can be a little shy when meeting new people, once she is comfortable, she’s all smiles and giggles. She likes to spend her days with family, laughing and smiling and walking all over the house. Whether she’s dancing to “Hot Potato” or following her big brother around the backyard she’s added so much joy to her family.

With doting grandparents and relatives so close by, Robby and Sabrina have all the babysitters they need, but they enjoy being home with each other in the lovely house they built, spending time together with the family they wanted.

Sabrina and Robby’s home may get a bit of remodeling soon, as Sabrina is currently pregnant again! A surprise but very welcome addition to the family is expected in 2020. It might be a tight fit for three children in their home, but Sabrina and Robby are happy to expand their love to fit a new family member. After all, this house was built to be a home filled with love.

Photos by Drew Bird Photography.

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