Jan 08, 2020

How Future Family can help you get pregnant in 2020

This is the year it happens. This is the year you get pregnant.

Whether you’ve just started to ask questions about why you are having trouble getting pregnant or are trying to figure out IVF costs, we can create a stress-free path to having a baby.  Everyone’s pathway to parenthood is special and unique. That’s why we created specific membership plans with the help of a fertility coach, who is a registered nurse with fertility healthcare experience to make you feel supported and on the right track wherever you are in your journey to have a baby.

Here are our different memberships plans:

Membership for Trying to Conceive (TTC)

Who’s it good for?

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and aren’t sure what to do next. Do you need a prenatal vitamin or ovulation kit?  Maybe you’ve started researching online and feel overwhelmed, but at the same time don’t feel they are ready to go to a fertility clinic.

How does it help:

This membership plan is the perfect solution to help set you on the right path to having a baby by answering your questions and giving you doable options to move forward fast, so you can save time or money. We match you with a dedicated Fertility Coach, who is a registered nurse with at least five years of experience in fertility healthcare. In your first session with your Fertility Coach you will define your goals, get answers to your questions on why you may be having problems getting pregnant and create an action plan on how to move forward.

Hear it from our client:

“This (Future Fertility Membership) program would provide everything needed for a guided fertility journey – a dedicated fertility nurse, a roadmap, a referral to a clinic/doctor and if needed, a future financial plan. I knew this was exactly what my husband and I needed.”

  • Keely A.

Read more about Keely’s story here.

What does it include:

This level of membership (cost: $199) includes the following:

  • Free fertility testing (a $159 value)
  • 5 half-hour sessions with Fertility Coach
  • Clinic recommendations based on your personal preferences
  • A personal Fertility Plan with clear options on how to get pregnant

Read more about Membership-TTC to see if it is the right plan for you.

Membership for IVF

Who’s it good for:  

This membership plan is the perfect choice for anyone who already has a fertility clinic and is ready to start IVF treatments. Membership - IVF helps set you up for success with an unparalleled level of support and care to help you manage your IVF cycle. This level of membership also gives you access to our affordable financing to cover IVF costs.

How does it help:

Two of the biggest stress points to IVF are cost and complexity. The membership-IVF plan solves both of those problems.

First, let’s talk about the cost. As part of membership-IVF, you have access to our affordable IVF loans which has some of the lowest interest rates available compared to credit cards or most other loans on the market today. We offer financing within 24 hours for people who have pre-qualified for our financing. If you cannot pre-qualify for one of our loans, you can have a co-signer or have a family member take out a Grandbaby loan for you, where they make payments on the loan for your IVF fertility treatments.

Now, let’s talk about support. Within a day of signing up for the membership-IVF plan, you are assigned a dedicated Fertility Coach, who will be there every step of your IVF treatment making sure your cycle is as smooth as possible. Have questions when the clinic is closed? No problem-your fertility coach is just a call or text away. Just picked up your medications and have no idea what to do next? Your Fertility Coach will walk you through the medications, setting up a schedule of when to take them. Your Fertility Coach can even watch you do your first injection on Facetime to make sure you are doing it perfectly. She is your advocate and trusted resource to make IVF feel not so isolating and a lot less overwhelming.

Hear it from our clients:

"Future Family allowed us to build our family on our schedule thanks to its IVF financing. It didn’t seem like a prudent financial decision to empty out our savings for IVF. But monthly payments like a car payment? That's doable! And now we have this wonderful baby closer in age to our oldest. It's perfect."

  • Sabrina M.

“When I heard about Future Family I thought it was too good to be true. I didn’t think It was real. I didn’t think someone actually cared about my situation. They gave me hope when I felt hopeless. Future Family became my support and ultimately allowed me to feel what it feels like to experience unconditional love . . . A beautiful baby girl. I can not thank them enough for her.”

  • Ebonee B.

Read more about Sabrina’s story here and Ebonee’s story here.

What’s included:

  • 15 half hour sessions with your dedicated Fertility Coach, who is a registered nurse with fertility healthcare experience
  • Complete personalized IVF preparation guide
  • Medication ordering, training, administration support
  • Afterhours support during treatment

Membership - Egg Freezing

Who’s it good for:

Perhaps you don’t want to get pregnant in 2020, but may be looking into egg freezing. We created a special membership dedicated to women who want to freeze their eggs.

How does it help:

This Membership covers financing and care for your high-quality egg freezing fertility treatments with a Fertility Coach who provides personal, guided care as you go through your fertility journey. We offer outstanding financing plans, clinic referrals, and support for women considering egg freezing in 2020.

What’s included:

  • Free fertility testing (a $159 value)
  • 8 sessions with your dedicated Fertility Coach, who is a registered nurse with fertility healthcare experience
  • Complete personalized egg freezing preparation guide
  • Medication ordering, training, administration support
  • Afterhours support during treatment

Hear it from our client:

"Future Family has been a lifesaver. I'm busy with a new job, and with all the logistics for egg freezing, I probably would've delayed this process. They took care of everything for me – from appointments to medication ordering to payment."- Helen L.

For additional information about egg freezing, you can read like, Is Egg Freezing Right For Me, and Are There Any Risks in Egg Freezing.

Have questions? Let’s talk

Still not sure how Future Family can help you this year with your goal of getting pregnant? We suggest scheduling a free 15-minute consults with our Fertility Coaches, to help you kickstart your goal to have a baby in 2020. Or talk directly to one of our Membership Advisors to answer your questions and help you find the right membership plan for you.

Good luck! We are rooting for you!

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