Sep 10, 2019

How is a Future Family IVF loan different from other IVF loans?

Hi! I’m Joshua Alvarez-Singh. As an Account Manager here at Future Family, my specialty is helping our clients understand the financial benefits of our IVF Plans. There are lots of questions – and we get it, because investing in IVF is a really big commitment.

The question I get asked the most is how Future Family is different from other options including online lending companies, banks, or even a credit card. And trust me, there are A LOT of differences. Afterall, our CEO, Claire Tomkins, went through IVF herself and understands the particular stresses around paying for fertility and getting the support you need.

With that in mind, here are the key differences between Future Family and other options:

1. You only pay one low monthly bill and we take care of the rest

Wouldn’t it feel great to go to your fertility clinic, pharmacy, or the lab and not worry about paying the bill? That’s how our IVF Plans work. We roll all your third-party bills into plan. You don’t have to stress over managing and paying multiple bills.

We handle everything so you can focus on your treatment.

Our plans typically start around $300/mo, but will vary based on your clinic costs, credit score and income. We’ll help you can create a plan to cover all of your needs, including:

  • Clinic payment
  • Medications
  • Medication refill coverage options
  • Pre-testing coverage (can include tests such as the uterine evaluation, semen analysis, infectious disease panel, endometrial, etc.)
  • Embryo Transfer Only Plans (FET)
  • Potential Donor Options (depending on the program)
  • Invocell Coverage

You can choose to finance the full portion of your costs, or pay a portion out-of-pocket. We understand that your treatment protocol is unique to you, and will differ based on the clinic you choose. Our team creates a financing plan tailored to your specific IVF needs and clinic, while keeping in mind your financial priorities.

2. You’ll get the full financial picture

It’s notoriously hard to get the full picture in IVF. There are all the “extras,” the clinic costs are separate from pharmacy and other providers, and so on.  Our team is specializes in this area. We will  walk you through a full estimate. Pro tip: your initial medication estimate is often going to be on the low side. There are many reasons you need more meds and we can help you figure that out and decide how much coverage you want in your IVF Plan.

3. You have a team to work with including a dedicated Fertility Coach

We believe that helping our clients pay for IVF is only half the equation. That’s why we pair you with a dedicated Fertility Coach, as well as a payment specialist to give you the smoothest IVF treatment experience. Want more info about how a Fertility Coach can help you? Check out our post on exactly that!

4. As a client, you’ll access exclusive discounts on meds and labwork

We’re always out there negotiating on behalf of our clients. We’re proud to offer a 15% discount on qualifying medications and even deeper discounts on labwork to help lower the overall cost of IVF.

5. We offer the lowest monthly plan out there

Our average plans are 25% lower per month than other options thanks to competitive interest rates, flexible terms (up to 84 months), and our discounts. We are proud to offer the lowest rates starting at 7.99%* and vary based on the credit score and plan.

What else can you expect?  Complete flexibility to manage the plan how you want. No prepayment penalties. No hidden fees.

In a nutshell, at Future Family we’re all about improving the experience of IVF -- from paying for it to navigating the entire process.

If you have questions about how to move forward, email me at

We look forward to helping you move forward!

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* Terms and Conditions Apply. Your interest rate will depend upon credit score, income, loan amount, loan term, and credit history. APR ranges from 7% to 15%. For example, if you take out a Future Family loan for $18,000 with an APR of 8% and a 60-month term, Future Family will disburse $18,000 to vendors on your behalf and you will make 60 monthly payments of $364.98. Alternatively, if you take out a Future Family loan for $18,000 with an APR of 15% and a 60-month term, Future Family will disburse $18,000 to vendors on your behalf and you will make 60 monthly payments of $428.22. No down payment is required and there is no prepayment penalty. Our financing plans do not charge upfront loan fees, but there are membership fees associated with our membership and concierge offerings. Closing of your loan is contingent upon your agreement of all the required agreements and disclosures as required by Future Family or A-Frame Capital, LLC.

State Licenses:

Missouri - Consumer Credit Loan Company License No. 367-19-8562

Pennsylvania - Consumer Discount Company License No. 71692

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