Nov 14, 2019

How to find the best fertility clinic near you

Earlier this year, we uncovered an important trend: 70% of people who are looking for IVF financing with Future Family haven’t found a clinic yet.

70%. In other words, most people looking to start IVF are having difficulty with the first part of their journey: finding a clinic that’s right for them.

For most of us, infertility is often a private struggle, and it’s difficult to know where to turn for referrals or a second opinion. And contrary to how we often think of this, IVF treatment does not start at the clinic – it starts online, in the comfort and privacy of our homes.

Why the do-it-yourself approach doesn’t work.

This solo online experience is isolating, overwhelming, and can be misleading. Google “fertility clinic near me” and you’ll find over 13,000 search results to comb through. Yikes.

There are other important considerations that Google search does not provide. This Huffington Post article titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Clinic...and Knowing When to Get a Second Opinion”, breaks down these considerations. You should start by understanding what your insurance covers at each clinic. Then, figure out how the clinic operates and if it aligns with your goals and personality. Come prepared with the right questions to ask – such as price, success rates, and treatment options. Don’t weigh your decision on one of these factors, all need to be considered. And remember, not all fertility clinics are created equal.

How we help.

The biggest decisions we make in life are never done alone – which is why we are here to help. Future Family’s Membership is the fertility guidance you need to understand and weigh your options, and design a path for success.

How it works.

  • Join Future Family by purchasing your Membership
  • Get paired with your Fertility Coach. All our Coaches are registered nurses with experience from top fertility clinics.
  • Complete a comprehensive, virtual consultation with your Coach.
  • Receive a personalized fertility plan based on your health history and fertility goals
  • Select a top fertility clinic based on a curated list of your personal preferences. In addition to everything mentioned in the HuffPo article, our Coaches take into account cost, your preference for smaller or bigger clinics, driving distance, wait for appointments, and clinic culture.

Not ready to move forward with a clinic? That’s okay – finding a clinic is just one benefit of Membership; we can help you prepare with hormone testing, understanding your fertility health, and a timeline for next steps.

Get started with Membership.

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