Feb 09, 2023

It Takes A Village: How Future Family’s Fertility Coaches Are The Support You Need

Going through fertility treatment can be an overwhelming experience– financially, physically and emotionally. In fact, according to SART (the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology), patients rate it as stressful as a divorce or even losing a loved one. Future Family’s mission is to make the whole process easier from start to finish – first by offering competitive loan terms to tackle the financial burden, and secondly by providing crucial support from a team of expert fertility coaches. While you undoubtedly will rely heavily on your clinic doctors and nurses, our patients have found the additional layer of support from our coaches invaluable in navigating their fertility journeys –just check out our reviews!

The Who: Get to Know our Fertility Coaches

All of Future Family’s fertility coaches are registered nurses with extensive experience working with fertility patients and clinics. They are ASRM-certified (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) ensuring you are always getting expert guidance and advice. And the best part? Every Future Family member gets a designated coach to offer one-on-one support throughout the entire process. Your nurse is available when and how you need them for the weeks or months you are undergoing treatment. What might that look like? Set up a Zoom to be walked through the first night of injections; shoot off a text to ask them a quick question; give them a call to talk through results and outcomes. No question or concern is too big or too small.  

The What: Ways our Fertility Coaches Can Help

The care team offers support in 3 key ways:

  • Medical education
  • Medication training (including helping patients take advantage of discounts on prescriptions at participating pharmacies)
  • Emotional Support

Emotional support is often an integral part of the equation. “This is a stress a lot of people don’t know how to deal with,” says Laura Weppler, Lead Care Manager at Future Family. “It’s not just a routine procedure – there’s a lot of volatility in fertility, and everyone’s experience is going to look different.” Laura adds that she sees many patients trying to find answers or assurances online– leading to a lot of misinformation. “We want to help people avoid going down that rabbit hole.”

The Why: How our Coaches Supplement Your Clinic Care

We hear a lot of prospective patients ask if a fertility coach is really necessary– given the medical staff already assigned at the clinic. “We’re not here to replace your clinic nurses,” says Laura. “We want our patients to be as involved with them as they can be. But given the number of patients and workload many clinic staffers are juggling, they might not be able to get back to you as soon as you like. Or you may not be able to reach them after 5pm.”

Laura adds that she sees the care team and clinic team as a partnership. “Hopefully we are making their lives a little easier.”

And oftentimes, the clinic staff just doesn’t have the bandwidth to help with each and every aspect of navigating fertility treatment. “So many patients say, I feel like I’m going through this process with a blindfold on,” says Laura.  “We hear, I don’t understand what this term means, or what this medication is for, or what benchmarks I should be looking for in my results. Or sometimes, patients just want to vent to someone. We’re here for you through it all.”

Learn even more about Future Family’s Care Team here.

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