Feb 07, 2023

Meet the Future Family Team – Morgan Kloewer

Hello! My name is Morgan Kloewer, I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and love cheering on the Chiefs! I love spending quality time with my husband and Goldendoodle Melvin. A couple things that motivate me are making the world a better place and striving to live a faith-centered life. Throughout my career, I've worked in healthcare consulting, Workday consulting, and now fertility financing–which is the most rewarding, by far!

What do you do at Future Family?

I’ve been a Sales Operations Specialist here for almost a year. I work with patients and clinics after a contract is signed, to finalize details and ensure that the right amount of funding gets sent, at the right time!

Why did you join Future Family?

To have a job that felt like I was providing value to the world and making people's lives better! I enjoy making the funding process seamless for patients, through what is generally a very stressful and emotional time.

How do you support and help Future Family’s clients?

I help clients ensure that their funds are sent to the right place at the right time. I also help clients tie up any loose ends with their contract, to get it ready for disbursement.

What should families consider when taking a fertility loan?

I think families should consider their overall financial goals and the timing of those goals. They should also consider how much of the financing details they want to be involved in themselves vs handing that off to us to take care of!

What is your favorite part about helping your clients?

My favorite part about helping clients is that when financing goes smoothly. it truly makes their fertility journey easier!

In your opinion, what makes Future Family  special?

I think the thing that makes Future Family so special is the human connection and care that we give borrowers! We have amazing individuals that work with patients, to ensure they're getting the proper amount of funding, at the proper time. Not every lender has humans on the other end of the phone or screen that are looking out for you!

What advice would you give to a new patient just starting this process?

I’d recommend looking at all of your options and deciding what is the best fit for you to grow your family! Here at Future Family, our Fertility Financing specialists are always happy to discuss your options with you. It can’t hurt to fill out an application and talk with one of them!

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