Jan 18, 2023

Meet the Future Family Team – Ryan Tibbetts

Hello! My name is Ryan Tibbetts. I am originally from Syracuse, NY, moved to Boston, MA, and now currently live in Los Angeles, CA with my partner. My favorite junk food is fried oreos and if I could be any animal in the world it would be a dolphin. They are intelligent, swim fast and get to explore the world!

What do you do at Future Family and for how long?

I’m a Team Lead for the Fertility Finance Specialist team and I’ve been here for 1.5 years.

Why did you join Future Family?

I never want "cost" to be the reason why people don't build the family of their dreams! Fertility treatments can be expensive and can cause headaches when dealing with insurance. Most Americans would rather pay $300-$500 a month versus $20,000 out of pocket!

How do you support and help Future Family’s clients?

I work with approved applicants and review what financial options make most sense for them and streamline their financial process! Speak to our team or myself now at Ryan@futurefamily.com!

What should families consider when taking a fertility loan?

The experience! It can be a long term commitment (2-5 years) when picking a lender. You want to work for someone who you feel you can trust.

What is your favorite part about helping your clients?

The two pink lines! Life is tough, but when it works out, its really worth it! I love celebrating the wins and the highs with the patients. Seeing people happy makes me happy as well!

In your opinion, what do you think is that one "thing" that makes Future Family so special?
Our ability as a team to relate to our patients. Many people who work at Future Family have gone through their own fertility treatment themselves.

If you had a few tips for a new patient just starting this process and researching fertility financials, what advice would you give somebody?Schedule consultations with 3 different clinics! Interview each one and compare to see which one makes most sense for you. Understand what is important to you and look for those things when you speak to a clinic!

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