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Sep 26, 2019

Say Goodbye to Fertility Frustration!

Where do you go if you’re exploring IVF or egg freezing, if you’re struggling to conceive and have questions, or if you simply want to plan ahead for your ‘future family?’

Over the last six months, we got some incredible data on our platform: 70% of all consumers who sign up at Future Family have never seen a fertility doctor.

In other words, consumers are starting their fertility journeys online (not at the doctor’s office).

And while there are plenty of blogs and random websites, there's nowhere to go for personal, trusted care. Until now.

Our new Membership program comes with all the essential resources you need to get started: a personal Fertility Coach, a plan, a clinic match, and a financial plan.

In fact, you can become a member even if you’re just in the early stages of figuring out what’s right for you and planning ahead with respect to starting your own family.

Membership at FF includes three key benefits:

  1. Fertility Coaching: live video sessions with a dedicated fertility coach to get your questions answered, develop a personal roadmap, and support you. All Fertility Coaches are registered nurses with in-depth clinic experience in fertility.
  2. Clinic Matching: personalized doctor match using the Future Family premiere clinic network. Clinic match is based on personal care preferences (including clinic location, size, wait time, and cost).
  3. Financial Planning: a complete pricing plan for any and all fertility treatments you are pursuing. Pricing is one of the most complicated areas of fertility, and Future Family pulls together a comprehensive plan upfront so that you have the full financial picture.

Plus an app to manage it all.

Membership also includes the ability to review our state-of-the-art finance products and access to coaching products that we’ve already built around IVF and egg freezing.

Future Family and our services were inspired by our personal experiences going through IVF. We’ve built the experience we wish we had – from beginning to end. Now with Membership, we’re just defining “beginning” a little earlier.

To see how membership can help, read Keely’s story in Pregnantish of how Membership helped her become pregnant.

Click here for more information on Future Family’s Membership.

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