May 15, 2018

Press release: Future Family unveils touchpoint

TouchPoint decouples payment management from the clinic experience, so the doctor and nurse team can focus exclusively on delivering world-class fertility medicine.

SAN FRANCISCO (May 15, 2018) -- Today, Future Family, the company making fertility care accessible to all men, women, and couples, announces ‘TouchPoint,’ its first national partnership program. Debuting in several of the most highly-rated clinics in the country, TouchPoint enables partners to provide Future Family’s holistic, supported care and flexible financing to patients undergoing fertility treatments.

The key offerings of TouchPoint–spanning the pre-clinic, clinic, and post-clinic experience–are concierge support and affordable payment plans that allow clients to get started with treatment right away.

As part of Touchpoint, clinics and their patients get access to:

  1. Pre-Clinic Experience: Clinic patients will receive a free consult with Future Family’s Nurse Concierge to answer questions, set expectations and discuss options, as well as access to online resources outlining the full spectrum of male and female fertility care. Future Family also works to prepare a personalized financing packaging based on the patient’s unique needs.
  2. Clinic Visits: Patients will come to appointments more relaxed and informed. Also, with Future Family handling the financing, clinics will have less concern over whether patients can afford the recommended treatments.
  3. Post-Visits Concierge Care: After clinic visits, Future Family assists clients outside of the clinic by managing logistics and providing emotional support through its Nurse Concierge service. Nurses are available 24/7 via video, text, phone, and email to answer questions and provide remote medication administration and other steps that occur outside the clinic. This creates a holistic care experience for the client both in the clinic and at home.

“TouchPoint decouples payment management from the clinic experience, so the doctor and nurse team can focus exclusively on delivering world-class fertility medicine. Beyond that, every Future Family client receives a dedicated Nurse Concierge throughout the fertility treatment for emotional and logistical help,” said Eve Blossom, COO and Head of Partnerships for Future Family. “Our ultimate goal with this program is to make the experience seamless for our clients while working with best-in-class clinics to fortify the great work they’re doing.”

With Future Family’s services, patients do not have to endure the stress that comes from lack of support or lack of resources to afford fertility treatment, and studies have found that those with less stress experience more successful treatments.

“I’ve watched cancer patients struggle to scrape together extra money to cover the cost of egg freezing and other treatments. Future Family’s comprehensive financing is the first solution to this problem and so many others, by making fertility care and treatments affordable for women nationwide,” said Dr. Lynn Westphal, Medical Advisor for Future Family. “But there’s another issue Future Family is working to solve: breaking the taboo that surrounds fertility by creating a safe, open space for conversation with the expert Nurse Concierge team.”

Future Family is the only company to offer flexible financing plans with no down payment, bringing egg freezing, IVF and other fertility treatments beyond the 1%.

“Working directly with fertility clinics is wonderful,” said Claire Tomkins, CEO & co-founder of Future Family and a former fertility patient herself. “The science is evolving rapidly, and there are many top medical clinics making incredible progress for patients. However, we still hear that the process remains confusing, emotionally isolating and expensive. Our TouchPoint program augments clinics with resources, to improve the patient experience.”

Future Family’s customer, Heather O., said of the company’s services: "Future Family has gone above and beyond anything I ever expected! They have made everything so low stress for us -- it has been such a blessing."

The TouchPoint clinic program includes CCRM San Francisco in the Bay Area, Vios Fertility, with locations in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and more, and Extend Fertility in New York City, adding to Future Family’s robust network of partner clinics nationwide. CCRMSF and Vios Fertility provide the full range of fertility services through Future Family, including egg freezing, IVF, donor egg and donor sperm services and Extend Fertility offers egg freezing services exclusively.

Future Family is actively adding partners to its TouchPoint program. For more information, contact To learn more about current partnerships, visit:

About Future Family:

Future Family is where women, men and couples start their fertility journey. The company’s mission is to make fertility care accessible and affordable to all. Future Family combines advances in fintech, fertility, and concierge care to empower women and couples throughout their fertility journey. Future Family was founded by former SolarCity exec Claire Tomkins, who was inspired by her own fertility struggles to improve the experience for other women and Eve Blossom, a serial entrepreneur in social impact and technology startups.

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