Nov 14, 2022

Sharing Your Future Family Experience – Brooke L.

How did you hear about Future Family?

We were referred to Future Family by our clinic, HRC Encino. Future Family was one of the first pamphlets we received.

What made you decide Future Family was right for you?

My mom actually did a little bit of research on this for me because I was overwhelmed with a lot of the medical information from the clinic. We decided on Future Family because it felt more personal and more comfortable than some of the other financing options out there. Our initial contact, Ryan, was so helpful and patient - he was able to answer all of our questions. From him, we learned that Future Family has a lot of perks [one-easy payment, bill management, nursing care team], as well. We were really drawn to the fact that the loan payment goes straight to our clinic so that we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with finances during the IVF process.

Did talking to someone live help you navigate through the process?

Our initial conversation was with Ryan on the phone. You want to get a good feeling during that initial consultation especially with this process since it is so sensitive, and Ryan did a great job of making us feel comfortable. He answered all of our questions and helped us understand how Future Family could support us on this journey.

Did you look at any other payment options?

No, we didn't. We thought that Future Family was the best fit for us, and we trusted our clinic’s recommendation. Our clinic suggested considering a fertility-specific loan company because the process goes faster and the funds go directly to the hospital or the clinic. It's more streamlined that way and we didn't want to be bogged down with overseeing and managing the financial side of IVF. This streamlined financial element allowed us to focus on navigating the IVF process itself.

How is your experience with Future Family?

Future Family has been wonderful since day one - from talking with Ryan who made us feel really at-ease and helped us get set up, to monthly payments, and the transfer of funds to our clinic. At one point, there was an issue with the Future Family portal and I was able to call and connect with the billing department immediately. They were able to confirm that everything was on track. I really appreciated knowing that they were so responsive and helpful. That’s a big bonus, in my book!

By far, the most valuable part of my experience has been my coach, Katie. The IVF journey can be such an intimidating and emotional process, and my communication with her has been worth its weight in gold.

How is your experience with your clinic? HRC?

My experience with HRC has been great. In the beginning, there was a bit of a learning curve, but the doctors, nurses, and staff have been really wonderful and supportive.

What is the best part of working with Future Family’s Nursing Care Team?

To me, the Nursing Care Team is the core of what makes Future Family so unique and incredible. Katie and the Zoom Support Groups are a safety net that I would recommend to anyone going through this process.

Did you expect to rely on them as much as you did?

I didn't expect it at all. Upon our initial sign-up with Future Family, it was comforting to know that the support was available, but I did not expect that their support would become such a major part of our journey. I don't know if we could have done it without Katie and the Support Groups. Perhaps we could have, but it would have been a much more stressful and discouraging experience. The process would not have gone as smoothly without Katie’s guidance, experience, and genuine compassion. She’s THE Best!

How would you sum up your experience with Future Family?

Future family has been our safety net. It is a financial safety net because they were able to break up the loan amount into manageable monthly payments, and they seamlessly transferred funds to our clinic for treatment. I didn’t expect this in the beginning, but it has also been an emotional safety net because of the Nurse Care Team and support groups. It has been an all-around fantastic experience - something I would recommend to a friend or family member if they were starting on their own journey.

What advice would you give to couples going through this process?

You are stronger than you think you are. Everyone’s journey is different, but through it, you will undoubtedly learn that you are stronger than you think you are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, cry, be hopeful, or discouraged. All of those feelings are normal and you are not alone.

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