May 25, 2023

Sharing Your Future Family Experience - Marin

Please introduce yourself

My name is Marin L. My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. We live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

How did you hear about Future Family?

Through our clinic, New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine.

How did you find your clinic? Did you find your clinic before reaching out to Future Family?

My fertility clinic is one of the major ones in my area. We did not have luck with IUI with another clinic, and our doctor was leaving the practice, so we decided to switch clinics. We found the clinic before we knew about Future Family.

Were you aware of the differences between a personal loan and a fertility loan like Future Family?

I did not realize a fertility loan was an option. We paid out of pocket for IUI so we did not need a loan prior to finding Future Family.

What has your experience with your clinic been like?

It has been mostly positive and very effective! We did one retrieval and a frozen transfer about a month later where one embryo implanted. About 15 months after the birth of our first daughter, we did another frozen transfer, and we just delivered our second daughter!

How was your experience with Future Family?

Future Family was very easy to work with. I set up the appointment to talk to them and we were able to sign up right away. They were always there to answer my questions through both cycles.

What about working with your Fertility Coach?

It was very nice to have the coach there. Especially during the first pregnancy because I had a lot of questions. When we used Future Family the second time, my first coach reached back out to me and I was able to have the same one! That was the best part! It has been great having the same person who I was already familiar with and already knew everything I had been through with the first pregnancy. Definitely made it more personal to have someone there for help and to have the same one.

What advice do you have for others going through this process?

Infertility is a long and hard journey. It’s something you have to take day by day and not stress about the future. Lean on the people that understand infertility and have gone through it. Future Family is great for that since everyone has either worked in infertility or gone through it themselves.

What did you learn from going through this process?

I definitely learned resilience and perseverance. To wake up every day and know you have an injection 1-2 times that day can be taxing. Or to have 10-15 pills to take some days. It’s a lot. But you keep going because it means you will hopefully get a baby at the end of the process. The medicines can be tough on your body, but I would do it many times over to get my daughters here. I kept going because I knew what I wanted in the end.

Marin has just given birth to a second baby girl. We wish her and her family all the best.

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