Dec 08, 2022

The Future Family Experience – Hilary F.

How did you hear about Future Family?

I heard about Future Family through an advertisement. I did a little research afterwards and tried to look through what features  you offered. When I found out that an alternative as far as financing for your fertility journey, it really hit home.

Did you find your clinic before reaching out to Future Family?

It went hand in hand, I found Future Family first, then I went through the clinics that Future Family covered. That’s how i found Main Line

Did you research any other type of financing loans before Future Family?

We were aware of personal loans but because we have other friends that have gone through rounds of IVF, we learned from them. They either pulled out personal loans to fund their IVF journey or it was from work that covered it.

Were you aware of the differences between a personal loan and a fertility loan like Future Family?

With a personal loan you take on so much debt and there's no flexibility when it comes down to the payment part, whereas with Future Family,  you could have multiple family members be the one who's to financing. For example, the loan is under my brother's name and I'm able to be the one to actually pay the payments but use his credit score. You couldn't do that with a personal loan.

The stability of having part of the credit to be towards someone else, and then me being the person to pay for that monthly payment. That was really big as it took a lot of burden off of my husband and I, because of our first few rounds of IVF, we've already accumulated so much debt. Having that option, it was a no-brainer. When I heard about this, I said, okay let's sign up so I didn't have to think twice about it.

How was your experience with Future Family?

The process from start to finish wasn’t stressful at all. And if it was stressful I either had Jackie Martin or Laura Weppler to help me. Jackie was a really big help just because she dealt with the whole financing part and explained a lot of the payment options or tried to get the payment right. She was really able to help me out.

What has been your experience with your clinic?

During the initial process, we came down to two clinics, which my husband and I really liked. We met with Dr. Glassner with Main Line Fertility because of all the great reviews. We connected with Dr. Glassner in such a way, where it felt like he was treating us not as the patient but as if we were his own kids. He didn't look at my husband and I as another patient. He actually was personal so that's why we went with Main Line.

How is your experience with Future Family?

When it came down to meeting Laura (fertility coach) and Jackie (financial specialist), it snowballed into the process. When I noticed that I could talk to Jackie about certain things, I'm like okay, that kind of relieves my stress because Jackie's there to help me and Laura if it was any medical. Everything was effortless because they made the whole thing so much easier as I didn't have that same support in my last two previous rounds of IVF. I didn't have a nurse that I could call,  or call me back any time or day If I had a question about a certain medication or if I was overthinking too much. Things like that, you get caught up in a moment… you get in your head. It's not easy to always talk about and sometimes, it's really hard to even bring up. Even relating these kinds of emotions with your significant other because they don't know what you're going through. People can see it but going through it emotionally and physically is different. So having Laura Be there, every step of the way, was a huge help.

To sum up, my experience with Future Family was amazing. If I could tell everyone about Future Family, I would tell them to go to you guys.

Did you seek out a fertility loan for your first two treatments?

The first retrievement; no, we didn't. We didn't know anything. It was our first time, we kind of were walking in the dark with no flashlight. Everything was learned as we went.

The second time around, I was fortunate enough to have a job that actually covered the whole IVF process like the egg retrieval and the transfer and, obviously the medications, which is one thing that's is a big bulk of your payment. They paid some, and some they didn't pay and, my out-of-pocket expense, it was better than my first, where I had to pay everything out of pocket. So this third one, I felt like it was just a lot better.

What advice do you have for others going through this process?

The stressful part is finding a specialist that's going to treat your story and your journey as if it was their own. Having that medical staff to treat you like that and help you out in that stressful time. My advice would be to find a specialist that's going to treat you like their family; not just another patient.

The next one would be the finance part and I revert back to Future Family because of the payment options and having the option of putting someone else on the loan instead of you. I mean, that was a huge burden off of me. These two things would go hand in hand together.

When I announced that I was expecting, I already had a few of my classmates who are struggling with their fertility journey come and ask about tips on what to do. Then the whole financing part; a lot of their questions was: ‘How did you finance this?' And I said, ‘You know what? I found this amazing company. It's called Future Family and they are amazing. If you can't take on the credit, you could ask a family member. to sign up and then you could be the one to pay for it.’ And then I talked about how you have your own personal nurse that you're assigned to. That makes it even more personal with your journey.

And a financial advisor that helps them out if they have any questions about financing. I also told them how my experience was not stressful; which is the main part. The stress was a big factor for me with my last two (IVF cycles), because it always came down to “‘Well, how am I going to pay for this? How am I going to pay for that? What do I need to do next?’ I had to be the one to put everything in order, but with this new whole process, with Future Family and Main Line, they pretty much told me what to do, what I needed to worry about, and that was all I had to worry about was just make my eggs and be healthy and eat healthy.

Hilary is now six months pregnant and hosting a baby shower this month. We wish her all the best and thank her for sharing her experience with us.

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