Jan 25, 2023

The Future Family Experience - Lisa R.

Meet Lisa R., a financial analyst from Atlanta and hear a little about her egg freezing journey with Future Family.

Tell us a little about how you started on your fertility journey?

I'd say it was just the good old biological clock started ticking, and as women we get to a point where it's just, what do we want to do? For me it was: ‘I don't know yet.’ I don’t have a clear picture of what my future looks like. But I wanted to have the option to decide later. So I decided to go with the egg freezing and retrieval process.

How did you decide to go with ACRM [Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine] as your fertility clinic?

Going through my insurance, I found out I have some sort of coverage. So I researched which clinics were covered and what I wanted from my clinic. After seeing reviews for ACRM, I decided it was the best fit for me. I went ahead and signed up for a consultation with the doctor to do the initial testing to see what our fertility future would look like. From there, they sent out several emails about seminars and webinars, and I remember one of them was financing options for fertility. I learned a lot about Future Family during that, and they explained everything with so much clarity. They went further than just explaining the financing process. I think the webinar was a weekday around 7pm and the next day I had submitted the financing.

Just the fact that there was a registered nurse available to talk to you– it took a load off my shoulders. I didn't even look at other options.  I was like, I want to finance this company. So that's how I heard of Future Family. And the fact that they worked directly with ACRM was just a win-win for me.

Before that point, I was honestly going to put the whole thing on my credit card. I wasn’t even going to finance it. But I was like, let me just see what my options are. And afterwards, it was a no-brainer. I’m definitely going with Future Family.

Did you understand the cost of treatment and how all the payments were going to work?

That part was a little tricky for me. It’s a lot of information at the beginning. But when I applied for my Future Family loan, someone was there to walk me through the process, and answer questions– when I pay what and to who. She just clarified everything for me. So that really helped break everything down– just having that consultant to talk to helps a lot.

Why did you decide to finance your treatment?

I’m in finance– that’s what I do for a living. So seeing the interest rate and how competitive it was, that was a win for me. And I liked that the company only focuses on financing fertility treatments. It’s a company that really specializes in what I was looking for. And the private nurse on call, so you never feel alone – that was also huge for me. I had so many questions since this was my first time doing any type of fertility treatment. Future Family also partners with some pharmacies, so you can even get discounts on medications.

I remember initially the pharmacy said my total estimate for my meds was around $5600. Then I spoke to my Future Family nurse and she was like “Oh no. We have discounts. So let us submit it and see what it comes back with.’ And that saved me about $2000! So that ended up being really, really good. I was really happy about that.

Is there anything Future Family could had done differently?

Honestly I have nothing but positive things to say about Future Family. Fertility treatment is a lot. Hormonally, mentally, financially– it can be pretty taxing on a woman. And just feeling like I wasn’t alone. I remember talking to my nurse the first night I had to do the medications, and asking her a question about mixing the dosage, doing the injections. Then asking her about the anesthesia during retrieval. She walked me through everything so I knew what to expect. She told me what questions to ask in follow up appointments and helped me understand what everything meant. She was also easier to get a hold of and went over things in much more detail than the clinic staff.

I have a friend who is considering freezing her eggs, and I told her, I would recommend you finance specifically with Future Family so she can have all these benefits.

What advice do you have for anyone considering freezing their eggs?

I would absolutely recommend it. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I really wish it was a topic more frequently discussed among women. In your 20’s you think, oh yeah once I am ready to have kids in my 30’s, it’s just going to happen. And I have so many friends right now that are my age or younger, and they’re struggling. All aspects of it should be discussed more. What does family planning look like for you? What are your options? And what are your financing options? Because I always thought it was something I would never be able to afford. If I had known earlier in my 30’s that there are these options to finance treatment, I would have done it sooner.

It can be an overwhelming process, so the more you can take off your plate, the better. That’s where Future Family really helped– being a support system.

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