Jan 18, 2023

The Future Family Experience: Sarah C.

How did you hear about Future Family?

I heard about Future Family through our fertility clinic, Northern California Fertility Medical Center.

How did they refer you to Future Family?

I saw you on their website but was also handed out pamphlets and documentation.

How did you find your clinic? Why did you choose this clinic?

We have friends who used them for their IVF treatment. Our friends were successful and our research showed they were the best out there. They had good reviews which aligned with our friend’s experience. There was a huge 4 month waiting list. It felt like waiting for a top-of-line restaurant.

How did you first come to understand the cost of treatment?

This was the most frustrating part of the process and having a clear understanding of everything. When we went through it with the clinic, it was not easy to understand it all. Even after meeting with their Financial Coordinators. At the end of the day, you want a readable receipt. I was used to the military way, where you get a check list but in this instance, there might be additional or hidden fees that are hard to nail down.

Why did you choose to finance your treatment with Future Family?

We were given two options but your website had all the breakdowns (loan terms, monthly payments etc) and was easy for us to understand and apply for. Thankfully we did! What we saw on surface level was even better when we got through the whole process. I also liked that your website was simple and easy to navigate.

What aspect of Future Family are you most happy with?

The people by far! There were days where me and my spouse were completely frustrated and overwhelmed. The services you provide, our coordinator Ryan and the nursing staff, were always on top of it. They were all communicative and really it's the fast communication that we have been impressed with the most.

With our clinic, everything is over emails and nothing is over the phone. When we had questions, you guys were speedy and on top of it. We didn’t have to wait 3 business days to get a response and that was fabulous.

I've had nothing but happiness with every interaction. I can’t give any feedback. Other companies should use you guys as a benchmark. You don't see that in any other place, that is being very good with communication or having a phone number.

When you are going through this journey, you tend to worry about the small things. Make this process as stress free and easy as possible. Most introverted people, like myself, don't like writing reviews or complaints. But as soon as I got done with the process with Ryan, I had to write my first review because the service was amazing.

Did you consider other types of financing options?

No, because we didn't know we needed it at first. We soon found out that this lump sum is due right in the beginning. I was not expecting that and we couldn’t offload all the sum and have a safety net for ourselves. That's what drove the decision to go with Future Family. How quickly everything happened was amazing, from the application to phone call. Everything was fast and awesome. It was needed. Especially because of the clinic waitlist.

Do you have advice for others

Ask questions! Make sure you have a full picture of everything, before you get started. We were not expected to start until Feb then we got a call in Oct of an opening. We procrastinate to get up to speed. To relieve any stress you have in the future, especially the finance part of, ask and learn as much as possible. We didn't know about the sum but we had a ballpark. We also did not know how long the cycle is going to be, when the amount is due. If we did, we would have been better prepared. So getting yourself educated early on will help down the road.

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