Apr 18, 2023

How To Lower The Cost of Your Fertility Medications

The overall cost of fertility treatment can come as a shock to individuals and couples just beginning their journey. Often the most unexpected expense is the price of medications, which will vary patient to patient, but generally adds up to between $4,000-$7,000 per treatment cycle.

For the majority of Americans, fertility treatment and medication is not covered by insurance, meaning many people have to pay out of pocket, or find ways to finance their care. Others may receive some partial fertility benefit– but their plan caps coverage at a fixed amount, perhaps $10,000, usually not enough to cover the entire cycle.

If you fall into this latter category, there are ways to optimize how you use your fertility benefit. While it may seem logical to apply your $10,000 in coverage toward your medication bill, it’s actually more beneficial to use that coverage for your fertility treatment care. That way you can take advantage of multiple financing and program discounts available to dramatically lower your prescription costs. Here at Future Family, we offer competitive fixed rate loans, with APRs as low as 0% for those who qualify, to help ease the financial burden of treatment, including medications.

Insurance Coverage Means Insurance Prices

If you use your fertility benefit for medications, your insurance will be charged insurance prices – which can be as much as double the price of the “self-pay” option. Suddenly that prescription bill is $14,000 instead of $7,000; your insurance only covers a portion of it, and you are still left paying $4,000 in addition to all your clinic costs. Instead, consider using your $10k of coverage where it will go the farthest, your treatment bill, and take advantage of that out of pocket prescription pricing.

Even More Options & Discounts

In addition to that 50% “self pay” discount, you can take advantage of additional programs to lower your medication costs even further. At Future Family, we’ve partnered with a number of specialty pharmacies to get our patients deeper discounts on some of the most expensive medications.

Many fertility pharmacies, like our partner MDR, also offer additional savings programs to those who qualify. Here are just a couple examples:

  • ReUnite: Discounts of up to 75% off select fertility medications based on your level of financial need. ReUnite also offers discounts for patients freezing eggs prior to cancer treatment, and active duty military members and Veterans.
  • Heart Tomorrow: Discounted pricing on Menopur for those freezing their eggs.

You can learn more about all the savings programs MDR offers here.

It also never hurts to sign up for GoodRx (for all your prescriptions, not just fertility-related!). And even if you don’t have any fertility insurance coverage, give your pharmacy your insurance information anyways. You never know what supplemental medication might qualify.

We’re Here to Help

If navigating all the programs and prices feels overwhelming, Future Family is here to help! All of our members are paired with a dedicated Fertility Coach with years of fertility care experience. They are all Registered Nurses who understand the medications you will be using for your treatment and will ensure you are getting the absolute best deal you can!

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