Sep 29, 2022

Is an IVF Loan an Option for Me?

Sorting out your IVF journey is challenging. One of the most significant pain points? Cost.

As you begin to navigate the process, the first thing to consider is whether IVF loans are the right option for you. Here, we navigate critical questions to help you feel more confident about your IVF journey.

Learn what an IVF loan entails and whether it’s worth pursuing.

What Is an IVF Loan?

An IVF loan is a loan payment provided to you to help pay for a portion or all of your fertility treatment.

The amount, terms, and conditions of a loan typically depend on your credit score. The stronger your score, the more you can qualify for a low-interest IVF loan.

For more information, read what is covered in an IVF loan?

What Is the Average Cost of an IVF Loan?

Interest rates for IVF loans vary by lender. The amount of an IVF loan ranges from $5,000  - $50,000.

The average clinic cost for an IVF cycle is about $15, 434. This cost does not include medications which can be anywhere from $4,000 - $11,000, depending on your treatment plan.

If you’re looking to finance your IVF treatment through a personal loan, lenders may offer loans up to $100,000. Keep in mind interest rates depend on where/with whom you decide to take out a loan and your credit score.

Is It Worth Taking Out a Loan for IVF?

Making financial trade-offs and saving for IVF is ideal. But we understand that may not be possible, depending on your circumstances. For those eager to pursue IVF with minimal savings, financing your fertility treatment may be the best option.

Whether you can get a loan for IVF generally depends on:

  • Your credit score
  • Your income level

We recommend gathering all the relevant information before taking out an IVF loan. These steps may include:

  • Calling your healthcare insurance company to determine if you qualify for any type of fertility coverage and what is covered. Please note there are currently 17 states that require insurers to either cover or offer coverage for fertility treatment.
  • Calculating how much you’ll have to spend on the treatment total (depending on how much your insurance will cover).. Keep in mind, there is a large patient population that may need one IVF egg retrieval but could need multiple embryo transfers. Embryo transfer cycles are significantly cheaper than a full IVF cycle, which includes an egg retrieval.  

An IVF cycle (that includes the initial embryo transfer) is around $18,000 - $20,000 with medications (not including pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT)).  The cost of an embryo transfer cycle—with medications—is somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000 - $6,000 per cycle.

  • Making a financial plan based on cost information. If you take out a loan, you want to ensure you can pay it off. Consider your other debts, cost of living expenses, and savings. Use these considerations to help you assess whether you can realistically take on an IVF loan.

What Types of Places Offer IVF Loans?

There are fertility clinics that offer loans for IVF.

Future Family offers low-interest fertility loans that typically start at $300 to $475 a month (over 60 months). Focused on accessibility, our team will work with you to help spread out the cost of your treatment.

Some organizations even offer grants for IVF treatment. If you qualify for grants, this can help make your IVF loan more manageable.

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