Apr 12, 2023

Meet the Future Family Team - Laura Weppler

Laura, we are so excited to introduce you to our community, can you share with us what you do at Future Family?

I’m Laura, a Registered Nurse and the Head of Care Management at Future Family. I reside in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, with my husband and two sons (both of whom were conceived via IVF), Lucas & Liam.  When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family!  Family movie nights, puzzles and board games are a few of our favorite pastimes.  We are also HUGE lovers of all things Disney!  If our family has a chance to escape for a family vacation, you’ll often find us down in Orlando Florida.

How Long have you worked at Future Family and why did you decide to join?

I joined Future Family back in 2018, working as a Fertility Coach. I still work as a Fertility Coach today, on top of managing my amazing team of nurses! During the height of COVID, I doubled as a Customer Care Manager and Billing Support Specialist. Prior to joining Future Family, I worked as a Fertility Nurse at various clinics in the Chicagoland area. I started working as a Fertility Nurse in 2014 and I fell in love with the field immediately. I knew I had found my passion as a nurse! In 2018, after my second son was born, I stumbled across a job posting for Future Family.  I was drawn in by the mission of the company to provide access to fertility treatments for all.  Fertility Coaching, then called “Nurse Concierge,” was a dream role.  It allowed me to do what I love doing most, provide emotional support and education!

In addition to my professional history, I’ve experienced my own struggle with building my family. Both of my children were conceived through IVF. I am extremely motivated to help others struggling to build their own families. I remember all too well the emotional turmoil that fertility treatments caused me. I want to be able to help others through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

How do you help clients at Future Family?

I like to think of myself as a Fertility Nurse Navigator.  Using my background in nursing, I help individuals and couples navigate the complexities of their fertility treatments.  Education, psychosocial support and medication training are the pillars of what I do in my day to day role as a coach.  I interact with my clients through phone calls, texting, email and zoom.  I tell my clients to think of me as an extension of their clinic.  I’m not here to replace the team they are already working with, but rather to be an extra layer of support.  One of my colleagues, Caryl, put it best “think of me as your best friend who specializes in Fertility. Those questions you may think are silly, that you don't want to ask your nurse but would reach out to your best friend for.”

What should families consider when taking a fertility loan?

Do your research!  Fertility treatments can be an enormous financial undertaking for many.  It’s important to understand the financial implications associated with all ways to pay for treatment.  Additionally, educate yourself on the odds of success.  Have an honest conversation with your doctor about your individual odds of success and the best treatment plan for you!  Prepare for the unexpected.  Fertility treatments are highly individualized and there is no “one size fits all approach.”

What is your favorite part about helping your clients?

Being able to see someone through their entire journey, beginning to end! I personally get very invested in my clients. There is nothing more exciting than carrying someone through to the other side of treatment. This journey is TOUGH and I am a firm believer that everyone needs a community of support when navigating treatments. I’m so honored, everyday, that people invite me into their journey and let me walk alongside them. And I’m so happy to work for a company that allows people the opportunity to explore treatment they may have not otherwise pursued.

If you had a few tips for a new patient just starting this process, what advice would you give somebody?

Take every opportunity to educate yourself about the process!  Speak with your doctor, your clinic team and your Future Family Fertility Coach.  And most importantly, stay off of google!  I’m well known at Future Family for repeating the phrase “fertility is not a linear journey.”  I cannot stress this point enough.  Everyone’s treatment will look different.  Maybe you know someone who went through treatment, but that doesn’t mean your journey will look anything like theirs.  We all have different reasons for going through treatment and VERY different circumstances.  Make sure you understand your circumstances, your lab testing values and your individual odds of success.

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